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The Arcane University in the Imperial City is the headquarters of the Mages Guild. The Arcane University is reached by crossing the bridge south of the Arboretum. You can only enter the gates after completing all the recommendations from the other guild halls.

The Arcane University is the only place (DLC aside) where you can create enchanted items and create your own spells. For Mage characters it is here you should strive to be also here you will receive the main Mages Guild missions from Raminus Polus and Hannibal Traven.

There are also a lot of quests related to the arcane university the majority of which are Mage's Guild Quests. However, there are a few other quests that are linked to the Arcane University in some way (For example the Thieves Guild and the Main Quest. If you go into the plaza of the arcane university you will see Mage Scholars and Mage Apprentices walking around. When you try to speak to them, they will generally ignore you unless you are the arch-mage of the Mages Guild. If you become the Arch-Mage you can ask them to follow you and fight for you. They are good to have around as they are strong fighters and can provide useful distractions. You can only have one apprentice follow you at one time.

[edit] People

[edit] Buildings

  • Arch-Mage's Lobby - Here you recieve the higher Mages Guild missions from Raminus Polus.
  • Chironasium - Here you can enchant items.
  • Lustratorium - Here you can find alchemical ingredients for purchase.
  • Practise Rooms - Just for show, you can see mages cast spells here, that's about it.
  • Imperial Watchtower - Where the Imperial Watch take their breaks and sleep.
  • Praxographical Center - You can create spells here.
  • Mage Quarters - A good place to find mages at night or to grab a free bed to rest.
  • Mystic Archives - A large extensive libary thats almost unrivaled in Cyrodiil, contains several skill books.

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