A Brush With Death

You start this quest in Cheydinhal by asking about rumors. You are told to go to the house of Rythe Lythandas and speak to his wife Tivela Lythandas. Tivela will tell you that when her husband paints he locks himself in his room. After a few days Rythe did not come out and Tivela had become worried and decided to go into the room and realized Rythe was gone. When you go into the room to investigate you will notice the painting will seem more life-like than normal and when you activate/touch it you are taken into the painting. When you arrive in the painting world you will find Rythe and he will give an explanation on where you are and how he does it. He will then tell you that you need to return his brush of truepaint because a thief had broken into his room and after stealing it went into the painting and drew trolls to keep safe but the trolls killed him. Rythe tells you that you need to get the paintbrush back in order to get out of the painting. Rythe will then give you a few bottles of turpentine. Follow the Marker on your map and be ready to fight a handful of painted trolls along the way but don't worry most of them are alone so you can fight them 1 on 1. Be warned though, painted trolls are pretty tough and they are a little challenge to kill. Once you get to the thieves corpse you will find the paintbrush and a nice enchanted dagger. Following the Arrow back to Rythe he will take the paintbrush from you and draw a way back into his room. When back in his room Rythe will thank you and give you the Apron of Adroitness for a reward.

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