A Dark Exile

This quest is given as punishment for breaking one of the Five Tenets of the Dark Brotherhood.The quest may be played through up to three times. You will face the Wrath of Sithis as was promised in the book of the tenets. The spirit attacks with magic and a magic dagger known as the Dagger of Discipline.
Wrath Of Sithis


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] A Dark Exile

When you sleep for the first time after expulsion you will be visited by a spirit known as the Wrath of Sithis. Slay the spirit to be reinstated.

[edit] Another Dark Exile

You receive this quest the second time you are expelled. Defeat the stronger version of Wrath of Sithis to be reinstated. This is your final chance to get your act together and obey the tenets.

[edit] Eternal Exile

This one is issued after you break a tenet for the third time. You are out of chances to make things right. After you defeat the strongest version of the spirit you will not be reinstated to your position within the Dark Brotherhood.

The three wraiths have different health levels: 215, 500, and 700 respectively.

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