A Fighting Chance

A Fighting Chance
A Fighting Chance
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Imperial City
Market District
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Proprietor Rohssan buys and sells weapons, armor, torches, and miscellaneous items, and offers repair services from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you blow the first initiation quest for the Thieves Guild (in "May the Best Thief Win"), you can get a second that involves a sword from Rohssan's upstairs quarters. He's also a medium-level trainer in the Armorer skill and, as such, plays a part in the Master Trainer quest "Armorer Training".

[edit] Details

Inside the shop, Rohssan has 1200 gold to barter with. On the shelves of his shop appear an assortment of mostly iron weapons. Rohssan herself, lives upstairs, as is the usual for most shopkeepers in Cyrodil. Rohssans dog also patrols the upstairs, causing possible difficulty for the player when attempting to steal Rohssans sword in the Thieves Guild entry quest. There is also an armorer skill book upstairs. The store basement is cluttered and holds little of interest execept a few containers which can randomly contain some gold.

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