A Kiss Before Dying

Ungolim's last night out.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Luck Be A Lady

A Bosmer named Ungolim lives in Bravil and visits the statue of the Lucky Old Lady every night to ask for the heart of a certain lady. You are after his heart. Nighttime is going to be when he is most accessible. He knows you're coming for him and has bribed the guard to pay no mind to your fight, as it was with J'Ghasta. Ungolim will attack you on sight and he's a highly skilled archer, so make your approach and first attack count. Here are some ideas:

  • Try pickpocketing his house key before triggering this quest. His door can not be picked. If you catch him in his house he won't have the range to make proper use of his bow.
  • Although the guards are paid not to interfere in your fight, they'll attack Ungolim if a stray arrow finds a guard or citizen. Simply stand behind somebody and Ungolim will fire at you without regard to your living shield. Now the city guard will do all the work for you.

[edit] Conclusion

However you kill him doesn't matter in the end. Once the mark has been terminated, Lucien will approach and speak with you about your work so far. He has some interesting news.

When you are alerted of Lucien's arrival the controls are locked. Be sure you aren't standing atop a building when you make the kill or Lucien will be unable to reach you. PC users may input enableplayercontrols in the console to regain control of their character and move to Lucien's position.
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