A Knife in the Dark

The Inn of Ill Omen


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] First Blood

The Dark Brotherhood won't accept anybody into their order, they only take those who kill for greed or pleasure. If one wants to join, he must kill somebody in cold blood. To begin this quest, the first in the line of Dark Brotherhood quests, the player must take the life of an innocent. Bandits, pirates, Daedra, undead, and certain wild creatures are hostile towards the player by default and killing them is considered self-defense in the eyes of the law and the Brotherhood. Beggars, innocent townspeople, merchants, etc. are your targets. One of the best candidates for the player's first murder would be a Black Horse Courier courier. They can be found in towns and on roads everywhere, and killing them will not have an impact on the Main Quest or any sidequests of the game. After murdering whomever you chose, rest in any bed; Lucien Lachance, Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood, will awaken you with a proposition.

[edit] First Contract

Lucien assigns your first contract with the Dark Brotherhood that you must complete to officially become a member of the family.

You are to kill an old man named Rufio who sleeps his days away at the Inn of Ill Omen. Lucien will give you the Blade of Woe but you can kill Rufio however you please. Rufio can be found in the basement of the Inn, accessible via a trap door/hatch in the floor to the left of the front door after you enter. Rufio's room is the one at the end of the corridor on the left. After killing him you should rest and Lucien will come to you again to congratulate you on your initiation. You may rest in Rufio's bed if you wish.

[edit] Welcome Home

Travel to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary Lucien mentioned in your second encounter and look for the Abandoned House near the East Gate. The front door will be locked with an Easy lock; a character of any security skill should not have too much difficulty opening this door. Go to the basement and you will find a large metal door with an engraved scene of the Night Mother looming over a small group of people with a dagger. Upon activating the door you will be posed a question: "What is the color of night?"

Respond as instructed by Lucien: "Sanguine, my brother." You will be granted access to the sanctuary and won't have to speak this phrase to the door again to come and go.

Ocheeva will be waiting to greet you at the Sanctuary's entrance. Speak to her and receive the Shrouded Armor and Shrouded Hood, the uniform of a Dark Brother/Sister. She will give you a warm welcome and direct you to Vicente Valtieri to receive contracts, you may do so now or feel free to explore the sanctuary before beginning the next quest.

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