A Matter of Honor

The most abrasive man in Cyrodiil.


[edit] Walkthrough

You have two documents to retrieve from the dead frop this time: the contract and your target's schedule. Alval's mastery of Destruction makes him more formidable than an ordinary merchant. Have you noticed your marks becoming more dangerous with each contract? Fortunately for you he has a rare Dunmer allergy: honey. If he drinks a mead he will be completely paralyzed.

[edit] Methods For The Hit

  • To utilize his honey allergy you must have him drink a mead. Arrive at one of the inns he frequents before he gets there and place a mead where he sits. Also sell a mead to the barkeep after buying all of his available beverages. Once Alval consumes the mead he will be dead weight. Drag him somewhere out of sight and render him truly dead.
  • Leave some mead in his Leyawiin house. Steal all other articles of food and drink. Paralyzing him here is quite convenient because you don't have to worry about being spotted as you kill him. You may also forgo the mead method and sneak attack him in his home.
  • A poisoned apple may be substituted for mead. This will kill him immediately and save you the potential trouble of finding a secure location to dispose of him.
  • Frenzy him in an inn and the other patrons will attack him. He may survive but will surely be weakened enough for you to finish him easily.
  • Jump him in on the road. There will be nobody to assist him or put a price on your head.

[edit] Payment

When Alval is no more, proceed to Stonewall Shields in the Imperial City Market District. Behind this shop you will find a hollowed-out tree stump containing both your payment and your next contract.

[edit] Notes

  • Alval may have been slain by forest predators and brigands some time before you received this quest. If this is the case your quest log will be immediately updated, informing you of his death. You will then be directed to the next

dead drop.

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