A Watery Grave

Marie Elena


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Welcome to the Family

Captain Gaston Tussaud
Once you have explored the Sanctuary, or if you are just ready to move on to the next quest regardless, speak with Vicente Valtieri. From now on, you will receive your quests from him. He needs you to kill a pirate named Gaston Tussaud in the Imperial City Waterfront District. He can be found aboard his ship, the Marie Elena.

[edit] Methods of Elimination

[edit] Stowaway

You must get aboard his ship. There are four ways you can do this. The first is stowing yourself within a crate on the pier, near the ship; this method will put you in the cargo hold of the ship, two levels below the captain's quarters. It is unlikely that you will be able to use stealth to evade the pirates on the second deck because the corridors are too narrow.

The second method is through a door on the balcony of the ship that leads directly to the captain's quarters. It is locked with a Very Hard lock. The pirates on the dock will attack you if they see you go aboard their ship, so this method is best done at night.

[edit] Massacre

The third method is to simply slaughter the pirates on the dock, march on board the ship, and kill Captain Tussaud. The city guardsmen will not attack you for starting a fight with the pirates on the dock. Whichever method you choose, once the captain is dead one of his henchmen will knock on the door and say he's coming in because of the commotion. He and an Argonian will enter and attack you on site. You can stay and fight or slip out the back before they enter, it's your choice. If you came through the front door you should take the Captain's Key from his body and use that to avoid having to pick the balcony door's lock.

[edit] Silent Assassination

The fourth method is to poison him. To accomplish this you will need to purchase a poisoned apple from M'raaj-Dar in the Sanctuary beforehand. Jump onto the balcony on the stern of the ship and slip in early in the morning when the captain is asleep. Reverse pickpocket the apple into his inventory and remove all food from his person and his quarters. Next time the captain eats, he will die. You can then go back to loot his cabin if you wish and the guards will not be alerted to his death.

[edit] Completion

Now that the contract is fulfilled, it's time to head back to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary for your reward. Speak to Vicente and he will give you the Black Band, a magic ring that enhances your Security skill, Light Armor skill, and provides you with Magic Resistance.

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