Accidents Happen

Baenlin's Manor


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Blood of the Damned

There's really nothing to this one. Just speak to Vicente and accept the next contract.

[edit] Accidents Happen

Your contract this time requires you to stage an "accident." You must kill a Wood Elf named Baenlin and make it look like it could have happened to anybody. Baenlin likes to relax in a particular chair every night from 8:00PM to 11:00PM (the time window is actually a little longer on both sides) and it just so happens there is a Minotaur head mounted over his chair. You are to make this fall on him while he sits in the chair; killing him in any other manner, killing his manservant Gromm, or Gromm being dead before the quest even begins; or dying at any point during the quest will cause the forfeiture of your bonus.

[edit] Getting In

The best way to get in undetected is through the basement located around the back of the manor. The door is locked with an Average lock. Go up the stairs in his basement and enter the main room through the door; the door will have a Very Easy lock. Go up the stairs directly in front of you and make a sharp right into the bedroom. Go past the bed and the wall in front of you will have a small hole in it and be labeled as "Crawlspace Door." Activate the door, slip inside, and close the door behind you. You can safely wait in here until Baenlin sits in his chair without fear of detection. Please note that since you are trespassing you will be unable to wait. To save yourself some frustration, it's best not to enter before 7:00PM.

[edit] Doing the Deed

When the appointed time comes, activate the "X" shaped fastening on the wall, causing the Minotaur head to fall on old Baenlin. He will die instantly. Gromm will be immediately alerted to this and run out to Baenlin facing him with warhammer drawn. Gromm might look like a very tempting target for leaving himself wide open but remember: Do not engage Gromm or you will forfeit the bonus!

[edit] Exit Strategy

Getting out is fairly simple. Sneak walk across the balcony until you're at the far left part of it before you enter the next room, now jump down. Gromm should not notice you if your Sneak skill is high enough. Now hug the wall behind you making your way for the front door, it's locked with an Easy lock. After you exit, all the work is done. Head back to the Sanctuary and speak with Vicente to receive your leveled gold reward as well as your bonus, Sufferthorn, a magic dagger with Damage Health and Damage Strength enchantments.

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