Affairs of a Wizard



[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] The Dead Drop

This "quest" exists to point you in the proper direction; it will lead to to the dead drop on Hero Hill.

[edit] Leafrot Cave

You must kill a Necromancer named Celedaen who seeks to become a lich. Go to his home of Leafrot Cave a short walk northeast of Redwater Slough near the Panther River. Soon after entering you will encounter leveled undead enemies. In this room there is a Destruction skill book called The Art of War Magic. Perhaps more importantly there is a book on a nearby table titled The Path of Transcendence; this is the private diary of Celedaen and contains his feelings on becoming a lich, pleasing his "Sovereign," and necromancy in general. This book also reveals his one weakness: his Soul Container.

A full lich has no need of a Soul Container but those who have not completed their transformation must bind their souls to an earthly vessel. Celedaen is still in this phase and his Soul Container is called the Sands of Resolve, it appears to be an ordinary hourglass but it is imperative to his survival that he keep it on his person at all times. If the player can pickpocket the Sands of Resolve from Celedaen he will fall over dead on the spot. Should the player decide to kill Celedaen the old-fashioned way he is not much to be concerned with. The allusions to his power level in Lucien's orders are vastly overstated.

[edit] Payment

Once Celedaen is dead the reward for this contract can be found in an old sack under the Great Oak tree in Chorrol, along with the next dead drop contract details. For completing this mission the player will receive a reward of 500 gold.

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