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[edit] On Oblivion

Alchemy is the skill of making potions and identifying the properties of ingredients that are used to make potions. Selling potions is one of the best methods to make money in the game. Alchemy is governed by the attribute Intelligence, although raising intelligence actually has no effect on the Alchemy skill. Alchemy is one of the seven magical skills and one of the easiest skills to raise.

The Altmer, Argonian and Breton races gain an initial 5+ boost in Alchemy.

The Bosmer race gains an initial 10+ boost in Alchemy.

[edit] Skill Perks

  • A novice can identify one of the four alchemical properties that an ingredient has.
  • An apprentice can identify two of the four alchemical properties that an ingredient has.
  • A journeyman can identify three of the four alchemical properties that an ingredient has.
  • An expert can identify all four of the alchemical properties that an ingredient has.
  • A master can make a potion from one single ingredient.

[edit] Training

There are four trainers for Alchemy in Oblivion, Two basic trainers who will train up to level 40, two advanced who train to level 70 and one master who will train from level 71 to 100.

Basic Alchemy Trainers:

Advanced Alchemy Trainers:

Master Alchemy Trainer:

[edit] Methods for obtaining high grade alchemy equipment

  • Neoseeker Member swk3000 has a great method for getting Master level Alchemy Equipment (Mortar and Pestle, Calcinator, Retort and Alembic) involving the Ayleid ruin of Ceyatatar."Find Vindasel then head directly west to find Ceyatatar. Kill the Daedra and Conjurers, then find the Main Entrance. DO NOT HEAD INSIDE. Instead, head directly south from the entrance. There's a road going by Ceyatatar, and directly south of the Main Entrance, it forks. At the fork, head directly West. Check on the West side of any larger rocks you find, and you should quickly find a chest with some minor loot next to a Trapdoor. There's probably an enemy nearby, so open your Journal, place your marker on the Trapdoor, and go looking for the enemy. Once they're dead, head back to the Trapdoor and save. Here's the thing about this Trapdoor. It's actually a back-door into Ceyatatar. Ceyatatar is a three-level Conjurer Dungeon. After beating the boss in the deepest part of the dungeon, instead of looping back to the entrance, you instead hit a switch that opens a wall in the back of the room. This reveals a short little cubby with a Ladder leading to the Great Forest, an Ayleid Restoration Cask (in other words, a small round container with Potions), and most importantly, a Boss Chest (in the form of a longer Ayleid Coffer or Reliquary (can't remember which at the moment)). Now, you're parked on the other side of the trapdoor that the Ladder leads to. All you do is head in, and open the Coffer. If it doesn't have a piece of the Master-level equipment you need, just reload the save you just made. If it does, exit, face the Trapdoor again, wait 3 days and 1 hour to let the chests reset, then save and try again. This is how I get all my Master-Level Alchemy equipment once I hit Level 17, since it doesn't require a Dungeon Crawl to do. And this particular chest has a chance to have both Magic Armor and Magic Rings, so it's one of the better Boss Chests."

  • There is an alternative method described Alchemy Guide Neowiki page. This alternative method is for obtaining high grade alchemy equipment very fast as well as large quantities of other top quality loot at the same time.

[edit] On Morrowind

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