Allies for Bruma


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Overview

This Quest is completely optional, you do not have to do it and you can skip it completly and continue the Main Quest. However if you do complete it or even only partially complete it(go to a only a few cities) then you will have a few extra men for the Defense of Bruma Quest.

[edit] The Problem

Jauffre explains that the Bruma guard are heavily outnumbered by the daedra of Oblivion. To solve this problem he asks you to travel to all the major cities in Cyrodiil , including Kvatch and the Imperial City.

[edit] Kvatch and the Imperial City

Firstly travel to the Imperial Palace in the Imperial City and ask Chancellor Ocato for aid. He refuses stating that the legions are needed to maintain order in the Provinces. Then travel to Kvatch and ask Savlian Matius in the ruins of Castle Kvatch (You need to do the quest: The Battle for Castle Kvatch first) and he will send one Kvatch Guard to Bruma to help.

[edit] The Other Cities

Finally travel to see the ruler of the other cities and ask for aid. They will tell you that unless you close the Oblivion Gates threatening their own cities, so close the gates and return to the counts/countesses and they will thank you and then send troops to Bruma. This quest is optional however you do not need to do it to start the Defense of Bruma and you do not have to visit all the cities. The more troops you have however, make the next quest easier.

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