Antabolis Informant


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Hasphat Antabolis

Caius asks you to obtain certain information regarding the cults of the Nerevarine and the Sixth House. You can find Antabolis lounging around the training room of the lower floor of the Fighters Guild, which is in the centre of the town. This information comes at a price, however. Antabolis is an enthusiast of artifacts and wants you to obtain a Dwemer Puzzle Box from the local ruins of Arkngthand.

[edit] Finding Arknthand

If you leave Balmora from the south, you should head east until you come upon a three-way fork in the road near Moonmoth Legion Fort. You should take the path leading to Molag Mar. You will soon happen upon an old Dwemer bridge crossing the magma river, Foyada Mamaea. Don't be surprised when you are ambushed by the bandit Snowy Granius. As you step off of the bridge, you will see a cluster of ruins to the right. You have arrived at your destination.

[edit] Inside the Ruins

Inside the ruins there are two more bandits lying in wait. After you dispose of them, scale the pile of rocks to reach the mid-tier of the ruins. A door on the left leads to a room containing Boss Crito, the leader of the bandits, and shelves containing the desired box.

[edit] Returning to Hasphat

Once Hasphat receives the box, he will give you the necessary information, but suggests talking to Sharn gra-Muzgob if you want to know more. Return to Caius to finish the quest. If you talk to Hasphat any time after the quest, you will receive a key from him that unlocks other levels of the ruins.

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