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Featured Images shall be placed upon the main page monthly and rotated with replacements. In order for this to happen, Neowiki Staff or Contributors shall put forth a high quality image for contributors to vote for its right on the main page. Neowiki Staff shall then have the final word upon the proceeding by looking closely at quality and content of the image.

[edit] The Process

[edit] Nominations

Any registered Neoseeker member may nominate an image at any time, even if an image has been recently promoted to the main page. This will keep the cycle moving, however that image will not appear on the main page until the currentimage has fulfilled its month contract. This means we aim to build a backlog of images that we can use but of course we only need three to four images at a time in storage so hurrying the procedure or number of images through the queue will not get it on the main page faster.

We are looking for the highest quality within images as we aim to catch the eyes of reader's with what we can do. Images are harder to explain than their text counterparts as there are really no criteria to give. We do expect clean, visible and quality images to be nominated. If the images do contain nudity then we do expect them to be censored before being uploaded (If this hasn't been done then please do not nominate the image or give the uploader or Neowiki Staff a nudge)

To nominate, the process will be to edit the bottom of this page with a linked three-tier heading ===Example=== followed by the actual image [[image:image.jpg]] then give a brief explanation as to why you think the image deserves a spot on the main page.

[edit] Voting

Once an article has been nominated, any registered Neoseeker member can vote for or against a submission. One vote each member but if you wish to change your vote at anytime then do not delete your entry, merely strike it out and place your revised vote directly underneath. All votes should be in bold (The "for" or "Against" text) and signed. Comments are optional but if you are against then please be helpful and add advice on how to improve, this way the original contributor or a fellow contributor can take the nominated image and improve it later on to the standard needed.

Example of the voting process: * '''For''': <comment> --~~~~ or * '''Against''': <comment> --~~~~

If you aren't sure whether to be for or against an image then you can add your thoughts or add a question by using the same process except using comment or question. If the comments or questions are related to the actual nominating or voting processes then please use the talk page.

[edit] Decisions

Neowiki Staff or currently self-appointed, ShadowJ will periodically make decisions on image nominations. Decisions will only be made if one or more of the following criteria is met:

  • The image has been nominated for more than one week (seven or more days starting from when the image was nominated)
  • Five or more votes are accumulated
  • An unanimous decision can clearly be seen

Images that are left with an against vote will be edited with a <!-- comment that will summarise what needs to be improved and changed for anyone who is up for the task. The actual nomination for the image will be deleted like it never happened.

Images that are left with a for vote will be put onto the main page for a month and the nomination process will be recorded within the Nomination Archives. As stated above, if an image is nominated before the current featured image's month has expired then it must wait its turn.

[edit] Recently Featured Images


[edit] Nominees and Votes

[edit] Skeleton.jpg


This is more of a nomination to get things up and running, however it does provide a genuine example of a high caliber within quality since it is an Official screenshot. --ShadowJ 01:48, 28 July 2008 (UTC)
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