Arkay, The God of Burials and Funeral Rites, is a popular member of the Nine Divines. He's the son of Akatosh and is worshiped in various religions throughout Tamriel. His followers are strong opponents of necromancy and the undead in general.

According to legend, Arkay was once a humble shopkeep with a fondness for knowledge. After he found a book written in a strange language, he spent years trying to decipher it. In the process, he pushed all those he was close to away. He soon realized that the book explained life and death itself, however, he himself was close to death's doorstep due to a plague. As a last resort, Arkay prays to Mara for more time to interpret the book. Mara answered his prayer and gives him the choice of instant death or immortality as a god charged with the task of keeping the balance of life and death in the universe.

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