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Armor protects you from enemies. It prevents you from taking as much damage whenever you get hit with a sword, arrow, etc. Armor is very important to the game and will save your life many times.


[edit] Overview

Armor is separated into 2 groups: Light Armor and Heavy Armor

[edit] Light Armor

Light Armor provides less protection than Heavy Army but is light and allows for better mobility. When your Light Armor skill reaches level 100 light armor is just as good as Heavy Armor.

[edit] Light Armor Skill Perks
  • For a Novice light armor degrades very rapidly with use (150% of the normal rate)
  • For an Apprentice light armor degrades at the normal rate
  • For a Journeyman light armor degrades 50% slower than normal
  • For an Expert equipped light armor doesn't encumber them at all
  • For a Master when wearing only light armor, they gain a 50% boost to the armor rating of the light armor

[edit] Heavy Armor

Heavy Armor provides the best protection out of all the armor, but at the cost of mobility. It weighs a lot but can take quite a beating before breaking. It takes a long time to master how to move in Heavy Armor but if you do it is worthwhile.

[edit] Heavy Armor Skill Perks

  • For a Novice Heavy Armor degrades very rapidly with use (150% of normal)
  • For an Apprentice Heavy Armor degrades at the normal rate
  • For a Journeyman Heavy Armor degrades at 50% of the normal rate
  • For an Expert Heavy Armor equipped will encumber him at 50% the normal rate
  • For a Master equipped Heavy Armor doesn't encumber him at all

[edit] Armor Availability

Level Light Armor Heavy Armor
1 Fur Iron
3 Leather Steel
6 Chainmail Dwarven
10 Mithril Orcish
15 Elven Ebony
20 Glass Daedric

Note:Magic armor is available two levels higher than standard armor

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