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[edit] On Oblivion

Athletics determines how fast you run and swim and how fast Fatigue regenerates during these actions. Athletics is governed by the Attribute Speed and is a Combat skill.

The Dunmer and Khajiit races gain an initial 5+ boost in Athletics.

The Argonian and Redguard races gain an initial 10+ boost in Athletics.

[edit] Skill Perks

  • At Novice, Fatigue regenerates very slowly.
  • At Apprentice, Fatigue regenerates 25% faster when moving.
  • At Journeyman, Fatigue regenerates 50% faster.
  • At Expert, Fatigue regenerates 75% faster.
  • At Master, Fatigue regenerates 100% faster.

[edit] Training

You gain 0.03 experience for every second you run, and 0.04 for every second you swim. You do not gain any athletics exp while in sneak mode. Athletics is the slowest skill in the game to train, you're always training it every time you move about however.

  • Ditch the horse while traveling and run to get to your destination instead, or if you're near water then swim.
  • Constantly run or swim against an obstacle, this method is tedious but you can cast spells at the same time and train one your magic skills as well.

[edit] On Morrowind

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