Bad Medicine

Roderick on his deathbed


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Enter The Eliminator

Speak to Ocheeva to receive your next contract. You are to kill Roderick, a warlord who has contracted a fatal disease and is resting at Fort Sutch under the ministrations of his henchmen. If you want to receive the bonus for the quest you must kill him by replacing his medicine with a bottle of poison given to you by Ocheeva. Killing him in any other manner or being spotted during this mission will cause you to lose your bonus.

Fort Sutch

[edit] Bad Medicine

If you speak to Teinaava before you go she will tell you about a secret entrance not too far from the Fort itself. You can enter this way or through the front door:

  1. If you choose the way of the front door there will be a guard down that short flight of steps guarding a large portcullis-like gate. To avoid him you need to take the gate to your immediate right after entering the Fort. The gate has an Average lock. Go down the corridor and follow the path to the right in the large room, hugging the wall to increase your chances of remaining undetected. Two of Roderick's faithful followers will be engaged in an interesting conversation on the lower level. To have a better chance of completing the contract undetected don't wait for them to finish their conversation. Just proceed to Roderick's medicine cabinet and swap his medicine for the poison. The way there is very straightforward. Follow your map if necessary but it probably won't be. After making the switch there's nothing more to do than escape undetected. Go back the way you came. You should be able to get out before those two stop talking or shortly thereafter.
    Fort Sutch's secret entrance
  2. If you choose to take the trap door a little ways off from the main part of Fort Sutch, which is locked with an Average lock, the way will be a bit more hazardous. Follow the flooded corridors until you reach the dry passage and beware of a guard possibly patrolling the area. The gates to your left will be locked and need a key. The only alternative path leads you past two of Roderick's guards who are having a conversation and a female guard patrolling, although you may encounter her earlier in the passageway. Make your way to the upper level cautiously and get to Roderick's medicine cabinet. After making the switch you can head back out the way you came or take the route to the front door, but it's likely those two guards will have finished their conversation and leaving will be harder than getting in.

[edit] Reward

Return to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and receive your reward for this contract. You will receive leveled gold (up to 600) and The Deceiver's Finery if you fulfilled the requirements for the bonus. The Deceiver's Finery has Fortify Speechcraft and Fortify Personality enchantments on it and may come in handy for the next contract.

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