Bear Season

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] A fence won't keep the Bears out

Head to Shardock farm and speak to farm owner Thorley Aethelred. Thorley has been having some trouble with Bears attacking his herd, and the bears have knocked down the fence that he's built for protection. The bears are specifically called West Weald Bears, Thorley needs you to kill six of them and collect the West Weald Bear Fangs that they drop. You will need to be in the area around the farm to find these bears. It is a good idea to stay at the farm and wait for them to come to you, as it is actually possible that they will attack and kill Thorley while you're away.

[edit] Reward

Once you have killed six of the bears and collected their fangs, speak to Thorley and give him the fangs. Thorley will thank you for bringing protection to his farm and will randomly reward you with one of the following six skill books(a couple of which are very rare):

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