The symbol for "Blade" as it appears in the game.
Blade determines how skilled with a bladed weapon you are are. Things like daggers, short and long swords, and claymores fall into this category. The higher the skill level, the more damage. Blade is governed by Strength and is a Combat skill.

List of all (base) weapons, including required level:


[edit] Weapons

Akaviri: No level required

Akaviri Katana

Akaviri Katana Ancient

Akaviri Dai-Katana

Iron: Available at level 1

Iron Dagger

Iron Dagger (Fine}

Iron Shortsword

Iron Shortsword (Fine)

Iron Longsword

Iron Longsword (Fine)

Iron Claymore

Iron Claymore (Fine)

Steel: Available at level 2

Steel Dagger

Steel Dagger (Fine)

Steel Shortsword

Steel Shortsword (Fine)

Steel Longsword

Steel Longsword (Fine)

Steel Claymore

Steel Claymore (Fine)

Silver: Available at level 4

Silver Dagger

Silver Shortsword

Silver Longsword

Silver Claymore

Dwarven: Available at level 6

Dwarven Dagger

Dwarven Shortsword

Dwarven Longsword

Dwarven Claymore

Elven: Available at level 9

Eleven Dagger,

Eleven Shortsword,

Eleven Longsword

Eleven Claymore

Glass: Available at level 12

Glass Dagger,

Glass Shortsword

Glass Longsword

Glass Claymore

Ebony: Available at level 16

Ebony Dagger

Ebony Shortsword

Ebony Longsword

Ebony Claymore

Daedric: Available at level 20

Daedric Dagger

Daedric Shortsword

Daedric Longsword,

Daedric Claymore

  • "Only Akavari, Silver and Daedric weapons can harm ghosts."

[edit] Skill Perks

  • At Novice, you can do a Power Attack in all directions for 2.5 times damage.
  • At Apprentice, you master the Standing Power attack, and do 3 times damage when still.
  • At Journeyman, you master the Sideways Power Attack. When performing a sideways power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to disarm your opponent.
  • At Expert, you master the Backwards Power Attack. When performing a backwards power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to knock your opponent down.
  • At Master, you master the Forward Power Attack. When performing a forward power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to paralyze.

  • Races with skill bonuses in Blade:

+5 bonus: Argonian, Imperial, Khajiit

+10 bonus: Dunmer, Nord, Redguard

[edit] Training

You gain 0.5 experience every time you hit a living target. Hits on inanimate targets (Fighters Guild training dummies) do not provide any experience for the skill.

  • Putting the difficulty level up slightly harder will give you more training as enemies will have to take more hits before they die.
  • Alternatively, you could use a weaker blade. Get rid of that Daedric longsword and use a steel dagger, and you'll have to hit enemies alot more before you kill them.
  • Train your Conjuration skill as well and summon monsters in a location away from city guards(i.e your own house, out in the wild) and kill them, over and over. Watch out though, when you hit your summoned monster three times they'll turn on you so be prepared.

[edit] Trainers

[edit] Skill Books

[edit] Notes

  • Different blade weapons provide different attributes, including weight, damage, range, and attack speed:

Daggers are small and have the lowest weight, damage, and range, but the fastest attack speed. Shortswords have intermediate reach and have decent weight, speed, and attack. Longswords are heavier and a slower than Shortswords, yet have more reach and power. Claymores are two-handed, have the longest reach and deal the highest damage per swing, but are very heavy and drain the wielder's fatigue quickly. Because they are two-handed, they do not give sneak attack bonus damage.

  • Dai-Katanas are a cross between the Claymores and Longswords, they are essentially two-handed longswords with an increased damage rating.
  • The Katana and Cutlasses are basically longswords.
  • You can poison a Blade and unlike the bow, when you miss the poison isn't used.
  • Power Attacks do more damage than regular combat, but use up more of your Fatigue.
  • You can increase your Blade level (Thus increasing your damage output) with spells, potions, enchantments and Greater Powers. Once your Blade is 100, you NO LONGER gain the benefits.
  • Some creatures may have a Resist Normal Weapons power (Vampires, etc) in which case, Normal Weapons (Steel, Iron, etc) don't do as much.

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