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Block determines how much damage you avoid when using a shield, weapon, or your fists to deflect an attack. Block is governed by Endurance and is a Combat skill. Note, blocking with your fists only protects from hand-to-hand damage. Weapons will do normal damage. Also, blocking does not effect spells cast on the player.

The Nord race gains an initial 5+ boost in Block.

The Orc race gains an initial 10+ boost in Block.

[edit] Skill Perks

  • At Novice, you are fatigued by every attack blocked.
  • At Apprentice, you are no longer fatigued.
  • At Journeyman, weapons and shields are no longer damaged by blocking and opponents may recoil when defending with your fists.
  • At Expert, blocking with a shield may cause a knock-back attack with the shield, causing little damage and causing the enemy to stagger.
  • At Master, the knock-back attack has a chance of disarming the opponent.

[edit] Training

You gain 1.25 experience points for every time you block an attack.

  • The easiest way to train is to simply let enemies hit you while you block. Put the difficulty slider down to it's lowest level and get a good Restoration spell to hand and you can let enemies hit you over and over for as long as you like.
  • Find a decent summoning spell. Use it and attack your summoned monster three times(preferably with the weakest weapon available you can find, so you don't kill it) and then let it hit away at you while you block it's attacks. If you've completed the Recommendation quests in the Mages Guild then you should create a custom summoning spell with the weakest magnitude but the longest duration. This is good for Conjuration training as well.

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