Blood of the Daedra


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] The Blood of a Daedra

For this quest you need the blood of a Daedra which is manifested in the form of a Daedric Artifact. Shrines that worship each Prince are all around Cyrodil in the wild, which may take time and effort to find. You will get a Daedric Artifact each time you complete a Daedric Shrine quest.

[edit] Getting an Artifact

When you accept this Quest, Azura's Shrine will be marked on your map along with a marker pointing to it. 'However' you do not need to do this specific shrine any will do. Just remember that you will lose whatever Artifact you give Martin and Azuras Star is a incredibly useful artifact. Also if you already have an Artifact in your inventory when starting this Quest, You can skip the majority of the quest by giving him the Artifact and completing the Quest.

[edit] Azura's Shrine

Go there and talk to Mels Maryon, one of the followers. He will tell you you need a offering of Glow Dust, kill a Will-O-Wisp for the glow dust, return here and offer it to Azura at Dusk or Dawn(6pm/6am). You will get Azura's Quest and will travel to the Gutted Mine where ther are five followers of Azura infected with Porphyric Hemophilia or vampires disease. Kill them and return to Azura, she will give you Azura's Star; a refillable Grand Soul Gem, one of the more useful Daedric Artifacts so its advised you don't give it to Martin. Now take your newly found Daedric Artifact back to Martin and continue to save Cyrodil.

[edit] Notes:

  • You will permeantly lose whichever Daedric Artifact you give to Martin, So choose wisely.
  • For the Glow Dust there are three Will-O-Wisp around Azura's shrine, to help make things easier for you during this quest.
  • Azura's Star is one of the few Daedric Artifacts that CAN be duped, just dupe them and let Martin have one while you keep the other.
  • Take a cure disease potion or spell cause its very likely you will contract Porphyric Hemophilia.
  • The 5 vampires here have leveled armor, you may want to take a feather potion or spell to reap all of the caves benefits, including the boss chest at the last part of the cave hidden behind planks.
  • You must be at least level 2 to complete Azura's Shrine.

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