You can recieve advanced training by going to any journeyman blunt trainer, and going to talk to Irene Metrick for training. She will say you need to kill 50 people. Go back, and she will train you.

Blunt determines how skilled with a blunt weapon you are are. Things like maces, axes, warhammers, and clubs fall into this category. The higher the skill level, the more damage. Blunt is governed by Strength and is a Combat skill.

[edit] Skill Perks

At Novice, you can do a Power Attack in all directions for 2.5 times damage.

At Apprentice, you master the Standing Power attack, and do 3 times damage when still.

At Journeyman, you master the Sideways Power Attack. When performing a sideways power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to disarm your opponent.

At Expert, you master the Backwards Power Attack. When performing a backwards power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to knock your opponent down.

At Master, you master the Forward Power Attack. When performing a forward power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to paralyze.

[edit] Training

You gain 0.5 exp for every living target you hit, just like the Blade skill.

  • Putting the difficulty level on slightly harder will give you more training as enemies will have to take more hits before they die.
  • Alternatively, you could use a weaker weapon. Get rid of that Daedric battleaxe and use a steel one instead, and you'll have to hit enemies alot more before you kill them.
  • Train your Conjuration skill as well and summon monsters in a location away from city guards(i.e your own house, out in the wild) and kill them, over and over. Watch out though, when you hit your summoned monster three times they'll turn on you so be prepared.
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