Bravil Recommendation

  • Quest Giver: Kud-Ei in Bravil
  • Reward: Bravil Recommendation and Captivate spell
  • Fame/Infamy: Fame +1
  • ID: MG03Illusion


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Bravil Mages Guild

Head to the Mages Guild in Bravil. Talk to the head of the guild, Kud-Ei about you're recommendation. She will inform you that Ardaline - a member of the guild in Bravil - is having some trouble will have a man called Varon Vamori. Varon has stolen her staff and she needs it back. Kud-Ei will give you the task of retrieving the staff and tells you to speak to Varon. She gives you a Beguile scroll which has a Charm effect to help you.

[edit] Finding the staff

Varon Vamori will either be in the chapel of Bravil, or in the inn Silverhome on the Water. Neither locations are far from the Mages Guild and will be located on your HUD. When you get to Varon you'll need to raise his disposition to 65, which is easily done by using the Beguile scroll on him. He'll inform you that he is in love with Ardaline, but got so angry at her for ignoring him that he stole her staff in the heat of the moment. He would give the staff back, but unfortunately sold it to Soris Arenim in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. Your quest log will be update and the HUD will direct you to Soris's house.

[edit] Getting the staff back

Soris Arenim lives with his wife Erissare Arenim. When you arrive at his house you'll need to raise his disposition to 70 before you can talk to him about the staff. Use you're Beguile scroll on him and then bribe him to get a high enough disposition. He'll then tell you that he'll sell you the staff for 200 gold. Alternatively, you can raise the disposition of his wife Erissare to 70, and then she'll tell you that the the staff is kept in a chest in the basement and that the key to it is kept in the desk upstairs. Getting the key is optional as the locks on the basement door and chest are not hard to open. Wait until the couple aren't around and break into the basement to retrieve the staff.

[edit] Reward

When you have the staff return to the Guild in Bravil and speak to Kud-Ei for your reward. As well as giving you the recommendation, she'll also give you the Captivate spell, which is actually quite useless as it costs around five times the Magicka needed for a normal Charm spell.

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