Breaking the Siege at Kvatch


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] What a Change

As soon as you step into the portal, the whole world changes around you. You can now see you are in a hellish wasteland, with ruined buildings and pools of lava around you. It may look like you are in a nightmare, but no, you are in Mehrunes Dagon's realm of Oblivion.

When you first step in, things can look quite intimidating. For starters, you've just stepped in and there are already a few enemies just ahead of you (they're probably just stunted scamps, but if you are a higher level, you may see a few Dremora), and second, you have no idea what you're doing! Don't worry though, closing Oblivion gates will be second hand nature after a while.

First things first; dispatch the creatures in front of you (it should be easy, as the creatures are leveled), and talk to the Kvatch guard. He will inform you that the Daedric beings took one of the soldiers to the tower in the distance. You can ask for his help if you want; he is a relatively good fighter, and he will heal himself. Or, you can just send back to Cyrodil, it won't affect anything in the future.

Your target is the huge glowing tower to the left of the gate. You must climb the tower, taking out anything that opposes you. The path is short, so make your way to the tower.

[edit] The Blood Feast

As soon as you enter the tower, you will undoubtedly notice the huge fiery been shooting way up to the top of the tower. You will follow it all the way to the top.

Take out the Daedra guarding the first floor, and make your way to the door labeled 'the Rending Halls'. You want to walk up the slope, till you get to the next open area. Take out your foes and exit via the 'Blood Feast' door. You will find yourself in the huge lava pillar room again, just on a higher level. Take out the single Dremora wizard here, and enter the 'Corridors of Dark Salvation'.

From here, you will notice all but one door is locked. Go through the unlocked door, and you will find yourself high up in the air over the Oblivion planes. Walk over the bridge to the other tower to find a Dremora Sigil Keeper. Kill him, and loot his body for the key. Here you will see the Kvatch guard that was taken to the tower. He says the only way to get rid of the portal is to reach the top of the tower and take the Sigil Stone. We'll be doing just that.

Head back to the other tower and unlock the door with your key. The door will open, revealing a path upwards. Reach go through the door at the very top and you will again be in the huge pillar room. Run towards the glowing 'Runed Portal' on the edge to reach an even higher level. Here you will find the final door leading to the Sigillum Sanguis. You want to climb up to the top of the slope and activate the Sigil Stone. This will cause the place to catch fire. A bright light will overwhelm you, and before you know it, you'll be outside the Kvatch gate. You've done it.

[edit] Counterattack

Now that the Oblivion gate is gone, the Daedra need to be killed. Talk to Savlian again to launch the attack. Run into the ruined Kvatch and kill every hostile being you see. It should be easy as you have around five soldiers on your side. Once the coast is clear, talk to Savlian again. He will suggest we check up on the survivors in the chapel. Go into the chapel, and Savlian and the soldier in charge will have a brief talk. Afterwards, you should talk to Martin and convince him to come with you to the priory. Once you convince him, travel to Chorrol. The emperor needs to be throned.

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