Broken Vows

J'Ghasta's place. Second house down.
  • Quest Giver: Dead Drop in the well of Castle Skingrad's Courtyard
  • Prerequisite Quest: Next of Kin
  • Next Quest: Final Justice
  • Reward: 500 gold
  • Fame/Infamy Change: Infamy +1
  • Quest ID: Dark12Harem

[edit] Walkthrough

Next in line is J'Ghasta a Khajiit with exceptional Hand to Hand skills. He lives in Bruma. According to the order note the guards are bribed to look the other way if your fight makes its way to the streets. J'Ghasta spends all of his time in his training room. To get there, activate the secret hatch beneath a few cloth bolts.

[edit] Tactics

Being a skilled unarmed fighter some assassins would not be wise to engage him directly. There are several good alternatives to trading blows alone with him:

  • He sleeps at midnight. A high-level weapon could take him out with one blow as he sleeps.
  • Take him to the Fighters Guild chapter of Bruma and let your fellows have a go at him.
  • Lead him outside the city gates where Shadowmere and the guardsmen will aid you. These guards have not been affected by the bribe.
  • Run him in circles out on the streets and pelt him with arrows until he goes down.

[edit] Payment

When J'Ghasta is dead you will be directed to the Old Bridge for your payment. The money and the next contract are in a rotten box beneath the bridge.

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