Bruma Gate


[edit] Overview

Jauffre wants you to assist the Bruma guard in closing an Oblivion Gate outside the city walls, since you've closed one at Kvatch your experience is vital to help the guards learn how to close the gate and any future ones.

[edit] The Plan

Head outside the walls of Bruma and talk to Captain Burd who is with a group of his men just a few meters away from the Oblivion Gate. After a short inspiring speech from Burd you lead them into the gate.

[edit] Once more unto the breach

The Oblivion inside the gate is a straightforward but winding path to the tower, you will have to watch out for daedra on the way however, also be wary that the guards will charge upon seeing an enemy and can get in the path of your attacks. The guards are good help in killing daedra however they can die themselves, (waiting an hour does restore their health, as does healing spells) Burd is essential and can only be knocked unconscious briefly. Once you reach the tower make your way inside and up to the top.

[edit] Endgame

Once you've killed the sigil keeper and taken the sigil key from his corpse enter the Sigillum Sanguis with Burd and head upto the Sigil Stone. Kill any daedra in your way and take the sigil stone and you'll be taken back to Cyrodiil. Talk to Burd and he will tell you he and the guards will handle any more gates should they appear. Return to Jauffre and tell him of your success and the quest is over. Speak with him again to get the Allies for Bruma quest or to Martin to receive Blood of the Divines.

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