Bruma Recommendation

  • Quest Giver: Jeanne Frasoric in Bruma
  • Reward: Bruma Recommendation
  • Fame/Infamy: Fame +1
  • ID: MG06Bruma


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Bruma Mages Guild

Go to the Mages Guild in Bruma and speak with Jeanne Frasoric. She needs you to locate J'skar, a guild member who has gone missing. Speak to Volanaro in the guild, and he will inform you that J'skar and him are playing a prank on Jeanne. For J'skar to show himself Volanaro wants you to pull of a prank of your own.

[edit] The Prank

Volanaro asks you to steal Jeanne's Manual of Spellcraft from he desk upstairs. He gives you a good Open Easy Lock spell to help. Go upstairs, and when no one is around unlock the desk and take her copy of the book. Head downstairs and give it Volanaro and he'll tell you to meet him in the Living Quarters at 10PM.

[edit] J'skar

Head downstairs again, and wait until 10 PM. Speak to Volanaro and J'skar will reveal himself. Both of them were just having some fun, stating that they have nothing else to do and they play pranks on Jeanne because is so incompetent and clearly does not deserve to be head of the Guild. Speak to Jeanne and she will give you your recommendation.

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