Buying a house in Bruma


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Overview

Bruma houses are cosy and made of wood often with a cellar level to preserve warmth, One of the larger houses near the chapel is up for sale and you can buy this house by heading to the castle and speaking to the Countess.

[edit] Getting the Deed

Head over to the Castle during court hours and speak to the Countess of Bruma Nariana Carvain and ask about buying a house. She will agree to sell you the house in question for 10,000 Septims , pay the amount and she will sign the house over to you, however it is largely unfurnished and so she suggests you speak to Suurootan at Novaroma for furnishings.

[edit] Getting the Furniture

Head to Novaroma and speak to Suurootan and buy all the furnishings off him (through the barter option) for a cost of roughly 9,900 Septims (Depending on your Mercantile). Once you have purchased all the furnishings you have finished the Quest.

[edit] Notes

  • If you are currently doing the Lifting the Vale quest then the option of buying a house will not appear in the dialogue with the Countess.
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