Buying a house in Chorrol


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Overview

Chorrol homes are mostly grand in appearance and are made primarly of stone. The house for sale in Chorrol is called Arborwatch and located next to the Mages Guild opposite the Great Oak. Arborwatch is split into three areas , the ground floor with dining table and sitting area, the main bedroom and another area containing two small beds. If you wish to buy the house head to the Castle to speak to the Countess.

[edit] Getting the Deed

Head up to the Castle and speak to the Countess, and ask about buying a house. She will agree to sell you the house for 20,000 Septims but only if your fame is higher then 13 and her disposition towards you is over 70. As usual it is largely unfurnished and so she suggests you speak to Seed-Neeus at Northern Goods and Trade to buy all the furnishings.

[edit] Getting the Furniture

Head to Northern Goods and Trade and speak to Seed-Neeus and buy all the furnishings off her for a cost of roughly 19,400 Septims (Depending on your Mercantile). Once you have purchased all the furnishings for the house you have finished the Quest.

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