Caelia Draconis

Caelia Draconis
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FactionsLeyawiin Guard, Leyawiin Castle, Leyawiin, Shuravi and Caelia's Faction

Caelia Draconis is the captain of the Leyawiin guard and the daughter of Perennia Draconis. Caelia carries the standard-issue gear of the guard with the exception of the city's shield; she carries a steel shield instead. She carries a leveled amount of gold and several static items: Leyawiin Secret Room Key, Castle Leyawiin Key, and Castle Interior Key.

Her patrol schedule is as follows: from 6 PM to 7 AM she patrols the Leyawiin streets; from 7 AM to 3 PM she stays in a second floor room of the Three Sisters Inn; and from 3PM to 6 PM she is at the watch barracks sleeping.

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