Cheydinhal Recommendation

  • Quest Giver: Falcar in Cheydinhal
  • Reward: Cheydinhal Recommendation and Buoyancy spell


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Cheydinhal Mages Guild

Upon arrival at the Cheydinhal Mages Guild, you should start by speaking to Falcar about the Cheydinhal Recommendation. When in conversation, he tells you that you must recover a lost Ring of Burden that one of the associates recently lost, he suspects they have thrown it down the well at the back of the Mages Guild. You must get a key however, to gain access to the well from a fellow Guild Member, Deetsan. When you confront Deetsan she will tell you she wont talk until Falcar is not around, so wait until she is alone then talk to her. She will give you a buoyancy spell and the Well Key, saying so, it seems Falcar might be trying to get you killed.

[edit] The Tension Builds, as does the Burden

Once you get to the Well (located at the back of the Guild) either cast a Water Breathing Spell, Buoyancy or drop all your items. Then head into the well, inside you will see a dead figure, who is revealed as the Associate that went missing on the last errand Falcar sent him on. Loot the body and take the Ring of Burden, unless you done what I said above, you will quickly release you are over encumbered. Once out of the well, return to the Mages Guild and talk to Deetsan.

[edit] Tantrum

Tell Deetsan that Vidkun (the corpse in the well) is dead. But you have the ring, she will tell you about Falcar's recent tantrum. Who then stormed out of the Guild, she recommends you search his room located in the basement for your recommendation or anything unusual.

[edit] A Plot revealed

Search Falcar's room for anything unusual, you will find inside a locked draw there are two Black Soul Gems but no Recommendation. Take them to Deetsan and she will tell you that she will write the Recommendation herself.

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