Chorrol is north-west of the Imperial City and is directly north of Skingrad. The town is protected by fortified walls and has watch towers situated all around it. Chorrol houses are for the most part grand in appearance and the house the player can buy here is Arborwatch. The Countess of Chorrol, Arriana Valga is a kind and fair widow who lost her husband in battle.

The Fighters Guild in Chorrol could be considered as the main Headquarters for the Guild. Vilena Donton who is head of the guild, and Modryn Oreyn who's basically her second in command both reside in the town.

Chorrol's Mages Guild is lead by a man named Teekeus.

Chorrol's Coat of Arms is the Chorrol Great Oak in white on a blue background.
The Chorrol Coat of Arms as shown on the city shield.


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