Chorrol Recommendation

  • Quest Giver: Teekeeus in Chorrol
  • Reward: Chorrol Recommendation, Finger of the Mountain spell, +1 or +2 Fame


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Chorrol Mages Guild

Head to Chorrol Mages Guild (located by the Great Oak in Chorrol) and talk to an Argonian named Teekeeus. Teekeeus needs help with "a small matter" between him and the former Mages Guild member, Earana. The two have history together, and they both hate each other and Teekeeus does not like the fact that she is in town. Teekeeus thinks that Earana wants something from him, and he wants you to find out what it is that she wants.

[edit] Earana

Head out and find Earana. Depending on the time of day, she can be found either by the Great Oak tree (the tree that is right outside the Chorrol Mages Guild) or she can be found at The Gray Mare (located near the south gate). When you talk to her she ask you to help her find a book, called Fingers of the Mountain. Accept her quest and head out Chorrol's north gate. It is a good climb to Cloud Top but it is not too difficult. Once you reach Cloud Top get the book from the charred corpse and head back to Chorrol.

[edit] A Choice

If you talk to Teekeeus you will know find that he also wants the book. Now you have a choice: either giving the book to Teekeeus and getting your recommendation right there and then, or giving the book to Earana and getting this reward she's been talking about.

[edit] Giving the Book to Teekeeus

Should you chose to give the book to Teekeeus, you will receive your recommendation and finish the quest. You will also receive 2 additional Fame points. If you do give the book to him you will also notice that your journal notes that you should tell Earana that she won't be getting the book. If you go to see her you will find that she is very angry with you giving away her book, and she wants you to steal it back from the Mages Guild. Should you refuse the quest will end there, and Earana will refuse to talk to you. Should you accept you must steal the book from Teekeeus. Teekeeus keeps the chest in his room, on the top floor of the guild where its placed in a locked chest. If picking the chest's lock proves too difficult, you can try to pickpocket the chest's key from Teekeeus which he keeps on his person at all times. Anyway, once you have the book head back to Earana. She says she'll need a day to translate, so wait 24 hours and then talk to her again. For deatails on what happens next see "Finger of the Mountain" below.

[edit] Giving the Book to Earana

Giving the book to Earana means that you will not receive the recommendation, but you will receive a 1 point boost to your Fame. Earana will need a day to translate the book's text, and then head to Teekeeus. Tell him that you gave the book to Earana. He will be angry with you and tell you that you must get the book to get a recommendation from him. So head back to The Gray Mare, and steal the book back from Earana. She also keeps the book in a chest, and once you have the book head back to Teekeeus for your reccomendation (but you will not receive another Fame boost, thus giving the book to Earana rewards less Fame than if you had given the book to Teekeeus at first).

[edit] Finger of the Mountain

After Earana translates the book, she gives you a note explaining how this reward she's been talking about ( a powerful shock spell called Finger of the Mountain, go figure). First, you will need to obtain a Welkynd Stone. Welkynd Stones can be found in Ayleid Ruins located all around Cyrodiil. If you do not have one the two closest ruins to Chorrol are Wendir in the south-western forest and Lipsand Tarn which is more conveniently located in the northern mountains, northeast of Cloud Top. You will also need a shock spell. If you do not already have one you can buy one from many different people, they are not uncommon. Once you have both a Welkynd Stone and a shock spell, head back to Cloud Top. Be prepared with shock resistance or some other protection as once you cast your shock spell on the pillar you will be hit with a powerful shock spell that can, possibly kill you.

If you survive the pillar you will be granted a shock spell called Finger of the Mountain. The spell is actually quite useless if you get it at any level above 5, as the magicka cost is almost double that it would be to make the spell yourself at a spell-making altar. Thus it is highly advised you do this quest before level 5.

[edit] Notes

  • It is possible to not be hit by the spell produced by the pillar if you hide behind another pillar after you cast your spell.
  • The Welkynd Stone is not consumed by the pillar, and it remains intact and functional after the quest.

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