Combat consist of you either using magic, melee, or archery. You can use spells and enchant armor, clothing, and weapons with magic to fend off foes. With archery you will use a bow and arrow to fight by holding down the "attack" button to pull the arrow back and releasing it to shoot wherever you aim. With melee you will use any of the melee weapons such as long swords, axes, spears, daggers, etc. You can quickly swing or hold down the "attack" button to use a more powerful swing. Depending on how you are running/walking determines how you will swing. Each weapon does a different amount of damage with a different kind of swing. In the options menu there is an option to turn "always use best attack" on or off, which will make you always use the strongest swing for that weapon. Depending on your Block skill, you will automatically block an opponents attack or be damaged.

Their are four types of armor you can use to further defend yourself from these attacks. They consist of: Unarmored, which is no armor Light armor, which is light, weaker armor Medium armor, which is slightly heavier and stronger than light armor Heavy armor, which is the strongest and heaviest of the four.


Basically the same concept but you can control whether you block or not by holding down the "block" button.

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