The Dark Brotherhood (Oblivion)

The Dark Brotherhood is an Assassin's Guild that revolves around the Dread Father, Sithis, and the Night Mother. The faction is controlled by the Black Hand; it's members include four Speakers and a Listener (as Lucien Lachance puts it, four fingers and a thumb). Citizens of the empire may pray to the Night Mother at night, and then when they wake up, a Brotherhood Speaker will discuss the contract. There are many Brotherhood sanctuaries in the empire, but only one is open to the player; The Cheydinhal sanctuary.


[edit] Joining the Dark Brotherhood

Kill any innocent person and then head to a bed. Once you've slept, a Dark Brotherhood member named Lucien Lachance will wake you from your sleep and offer you a chance to join the guild. When it comes to killing an innocent person any old citizen will do, or if you don't want a bounty then fight the Grand Champion in the Arena after completing the quest he assigns you, should you choose to accept it. This also counts.

If you killed somebody but you don't want to be in the Dark Brotherhood at all, you can Kill Lucien Lechance and end the DB questline altogether. Doing this will also allow you to drop the Blade of Woe. However, be absolutely sure before you kill him because, if you kill Lucien Lechance, you will never be able to join the Dark Brotherhood.

[edit] Quests

[edit] Initiation

[edit] Vicente Valtieri

[edit] Ocheeva

[edit] Black Hand

[edit] Other

[edit] People

[edit] Cheydinhal

Will contain spoilers if not completed the The Purification.

[edit] The Black Hand

Will contain spoilers if not completed Honor Thy Mother.

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