Darkness Eternal

Vicente Valtieri, Cheydinhal Sanctuary's resident vampire.

[edit] Quick Walkthrough

This quest is very easy and requires little explanation. Vicente Valtieri is a vampire and can pass on this "Dark Gift" to any he sees fit. To become a vampire and "complete" this quest:

  1. After completing the quest The Assassinated Man Vicente will offer to make you a vampire, accept. If you choose not to accept his offer you can bring up the topic "Dark Gift" in later conversations and still become a vampire.
  2. Rest in a bed; Vicente will come to you in your sleep and bite you. You've now been infected with Porphyric Hemophilia, the Vampire's disease.
  3. Rest for three more days after the initial infection and the disease will fully take hold of your body. You are now a vampire.

If you have 100% Resist Disease you will still become infected. After you become a vampire you can speak with Vicente again regarding a cure for vampirism. He will direct you to Raminus Polus of the Arcane University in the Imperial City.

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