Dead Drop Orders 3

Dead Drop Orders # 3
Found in the well in the Castle Skingrad courtyard.

Are you ready to get your hands dirty, Silencer?

Your next target is a Khajiit nobleman by the name of J'Ghasta, who can be found at his home in the city of Bruma. J'Ghasta was recently offered the hand of a prominent Cyrodiil noble's daughter, but turned down the offer when he learned of the girl's rather negligible dowry. The girl's family is outraged, of course, and has hired the Dark Brotherhood to make J'Ghasta pay for his insolence.

Go to J'Ghasta's house in Bruma and end his miserable life. But be warned! The Khajiit is rich and bored, and spends most of his time honing his skills in unarmed combat. Any opponent who can kill with merely his hands is not to be trifled with, so tread carefully. Even worse, J'Ghasta is aware someone may be trying to kill him, and has bribed the guards not to interfere if a fight should spill out into the city streets.

When the target has been eliminated, you will find your next dead drop in a rotten box under the Old Bridge, just south of the Imperial City. The box will contain your reward for killing J'Ghasta, as well as information regarding your next contract.

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