Defense of Bruma


[edit] Overview

Martin needs one last item to open up a gateway to Paradise, a Great Sigil Stone to be exact and that means allowing a Great Oblivion gate to open outside Bruma. So you must defend Bruma as Oblivion Gates open and waves of Daedra pour out.

[edit] Preparing for Battle

On returning from Miscarcand to Cloud Ruler Temple you will walk into Martin who is now in a suit of armor and Jauffre arguing. Talk to Martin after they finish and give him the Great Welkynd Stone and he will tell you that the final item he needs is a Great Sigil Stone. Great Sigil Stones are obtained by closing a Great Oblivion Gate similar to the one that opened outside Kvatch. Martin informs you of the plan to allow one to open outside Bruma.

[edit] Raising the Guard

After you finish talking to Martin, head to Bruma and escort Martin to the Chapel of Talos. Then he will tell you to go inform the Countess of Bruma of the plan. Head to Castle Bruma and talk to the Countess who will then promptly head off to meet Martin. Speaking with the Countess at the Chapel will start the defense. Head out of the chapel with Martin and through the cheering crowd as Burd raises the guard.

[edit] The Battle of Bruma

After reaching the Battleground you will see your Army, its size will depend on how many cities you went to during the Allies For Bruma quest. In the distance you will see a lone Oblivion Gate. Martin will rally the troops then a wave of Daedra will pour out of the gate, a few minutes later and a second gate will open and Daedra will start coming from both gates. It is worth noting that Martin is not marked as essential during this battle and can die, if that happens you will have to reload a save. Shortly after the second gate has opened a third gate will materialize and you will face three waves of Daedra. Keep killing any Daedra that spawn and wait for the Great Oblivion Gate to open. Once it does enter it to finish this quest.

[edit] Notes

  • If Martin dies you must reload a save, however if Baurus or Jauffre die then the story will continue.

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