Deliver the Amulet


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] There is No Rush

As soon as you exit the damp and forbidding sewers, you will be pleased to know that you are now free. You don't have to do this quest right away, you can hold it off for as long as you like. You will not be penalized for not doing this quest. All of Cyrodil and her dungeons, forts, ruins, and cities are open to you. You do not have to 'unlock' them. This guide will assume you are continuing the main quest.

[edit] Road to Weynon Priory

As soon as you exit the sewers, you can fast travel to Weynon Priory to get the quest finished quick. I, however, recommend you walk. It's a short quest, so it will give it some length. Besides, you should get familiar with Cyrodil.

[edit] Weynon Priory

As soon as you enter the big manor-type house, you should head upstairs. There you find Jauffre, grandmaster of the Blades. After handing him the Amulet of Kings, you can ask him for assistance. He will unlock his chest, giving you a gold mine of useful armor, weapons, potions, and scrolls. Prior Maborel will give you his horse, Brother Piner will give you a Block skill book, and Eroner will give you a repair hammer. Head to Kvatch.

It's time to find the lost heir, and restore order to Tamriel.

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