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[edit] On Oblivion

Destruction is the skill of magic used to inflict damage on your enemies. It uses the elements fire, frost and shock.

[edit] Skill Perks

  • A novice can cast novice spells.
  • An apprentice can cast apprentice spells.
  • A journeyman can cast journeyman spells.
  • An expert can cast expert spells.
  • A master can cast all spells.

[edit] Spell Effects

[edit] Training

Ok, first of all you have to remember that to train destruction your spell has to hit a target, you can't just go around shooting fireballs at trees hoping to gain experience. Also, you gain the same amount of experience casting a low level spell as you would a high one. Basically, you can cast Electrocution (a high level shock spell) 100 times and get the same amount of experience that you would have gotten casting that fireball spell 100 times. The best way to train Destruction is to buy a low level weakness to fire, shock, frost, etc. spell, it doesn't matter which one. Go to a spellmaking altar (easily accessed at the Arcane University or through the Frostcrag Spire DLC) and make the following spell:

Destruction Training

  • Weakness to________ 3% for one second on self

This way you'll be hitting a target (yourself) and gain experience. Anyone can cast the above spell and it should only take 1 magicka to cast it. Now just cast that spell over and over again as you travel. You'll reach 100 in no time.

[edit] NPC Trainers

Basic Trainers(0-40)

Advanced Trainers (0-70)

Master Training (0-100)

  • Bralsa Andaren (Located at the Wayshrine of Kynareth, southwest of Weatherleah)

[edit] On Morrowind

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