A Raw Ebony vein found in Morrowind.

Ebony is a crafting material commonly found in extravagant and very expensive suits of armor and weapons and is one of the most precious substances in Tamriel. In it's raw, unrefined state; ebony is an extremely hard, extremely durable black-glass like material believed to be the crystallized blood of the gods.

Usually found in Morrowind's center island Vvardenfell, the Raw Ebony trade has many Imperial mines dedicated to the collection and transport of the substance. However, it is illegal to mine Ebony without an Imperial Charter and, these days, without a bribe here and there.

Ebony weaponry is very popular among adventurers in Morrowind and has recently made it's way to the other eight provinces. Although it isn't as common among traders, it's possible to find Ebony items wherever in Tamriel you might be.

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