Elsweyr, the Khajiit homeland, is located to the southeast corner of Tamriel. Valenwood borders Elsweyr to the West while Cyrodiil lies to the North.

Even though it's a large part of Elsweyr's culture, Moon Sugar is banned from the more civilized provinces. However, do to the fact that the drug is illegal and extremely addictive, a drug underworld was born and is now responsible for Tamriel's Skooma problem. Although the Empire has tried to stop the illegal distribution of the drug, Elsweyrian diplomats continue to defend their citizens actions.

[edit] Environment

The Northern region of Elsweyr contains arid badlands, while the Southern region is filled with lush, tropical forests. As most Khajiit prefer the forests, there are very few small settlements and no cities whatsoever.

[edit] Government

The government of Elsweyr is a confederacy that is led by a single leader known as a Mane, the rarest breed of the Khajiit race. The current Mane is known to be a strong opponent of the Empire getting involved in the Moon Sugar trade and thus, had a poor relationship with the late Emperor Uriel Septim VII.

[edit] History

Elsweyr is said to have been the home to an ancient race that were roaming Tamriel before that of men had even arrived. After much research, rejected theories and hours upon hours of manpower, very little, if anything, is known about the said "ancient race". Although it's never been proven, it's believed that hundreds of cities once existed within Elsweyr's borders. However, if true, most have been either overgrown by the vast jungles or destroyed by man, mer and Khajiit.

With ancient scrolls as evidence, it's believed that Khajiit used to roam Tamriel, due north of Elsweyr, preying on travelers and native creatures, feeding on their flesh. Many travelers used to spread rumors that Valenwood was overrun with blood thirsty, wild jungle men and that the particular province should be avoided at all costs. It now seems that the Khajiit were the race of the rumors.

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