Fafnir2.jpg Fafnir waiting outside of Summitmist Manor in Skingrad.
Related QuestsWhodunit?
Fafnir is a male Nord and is a member of the Dark Brotherhood. In the Whodunit? quest he acts as the doorman at Summitmist Manor. After the quest he disappears from the game.

[edit] Unique Dialogue

"So, the last guest finally arrives. I'll tell you what I told all the others. You go in. I lock the door. You don't come out 'til it's over. Now I'll tell you what I didn't tell everyone else. We have the same Mother, you and I. And she wants you to have this. It's the key to the house. I guess someone else has already told you the details. Kill all the guests then leave, right? Well, you'd better get in there. Time to mingle."

Fafnir awaits.
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