Falcar.jpg Falcar during the Cheydinhal Recommendation quest
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Falcar is a male Altmer who is head of the Mages Guild in Cheydinhal. In the Cheydinhal Recommendation quest he tries to kill you by giving you the very dangerous task of retrieving the Ring of Burden from inside the well. It is a similar same task that he gave to Vidkun, which he died from trying to do. While during the quest if you speak to any other members of the guild they will comment on how harsh a task Falcar has given you, and Deetsan will only talk to you about the situation properly when Falcar is not around. When you find Vidkun's dead body in the well and go back to speak to Deetsan she will admit that she finally confronted Falcar about Vidkun, and tells you that Falcar was very angry and stormed out of the guild. Deetsan asks you to search his room for any clues about his whereabouts, and when you find the black soul gems in his cupboard it confirms the worst; Falcar is a Necromancer. Something which should be quite obvious, as he is one of the only people in the Mages Guild who wears full black. Afterwards Deetsan becomes head of the guild in Cheydinhal, but you have not seen the last of Falcar yet.

Spoiler: Spoilers about the quest Ambush

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