Final Justice


[edit] Walkthrough

Your current mark is an Argonian by the name of Shaleez. She is wanted dead for the murder of a family of Dark Elves. She makes camp north of Bravil in Flooded Mine. For the most part this location is flooded, as the name suggests. There are enough pockets of air that non Argonian assassins can pull this off without using a spell or magic item to enable water breathing.

[edit] Strategy

Shaleez sleeps from 10 PM until 5 AM and eats from 6 AM until 8 AM. The remainder of her day is spent walking around or swimming.

  • Kill her while she's asleep during the hours of 10 PM through 5 AM.
  • You can reverse pickpocket a poisoned apple onto her as she is sleeping. When she eats at 6 AM this will kill her.
  • Shadowmere can help you with this one too. Shaleez can take down Shadowmere but you can probably fell Shaleez before this happens.
  • Bravil is a stone's throw away. The guards will assist you if you lead her to the city.

[edit] Payment

Once Shaleez is dead collect your reward from Fort Redman. The coffin containing your gold and your next contract is leaning against the fort's entrance door.

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