Finding the Thieves Guild

[edit] Walkthrough

To join the Thieves Guild and start this quest, you have to either go to jail, read a poster of the Gray Fox and bribe any beggar you see or visit the Garden of Dareloth at midnight.

If you went to jail, you will recieve a Mysterious Note from Myvryna Arano that tells you to go to the Garden of Dareloth at midnight.

There you will meet Armond Christophe, Methredel, and Amusei.

Talk to Armond Christophe and select the option Mysterious Note if you went to jail, or join the Thieves Guild if you talked to a beggar. You have to bribe him if you talked to a beggar

After some talking, he tells you to find the diary of Ammantias Allectus.

He lives in the Temple District on the East side, on the South side of the gate to the Arboretum.

If you're quick enough you can beat Methredel to the diary which is in the desk.

If you don't beat her to it, then you can steal the diary from her.

She goes to the Bloated Float every day after dark. She lives in the Waterfront District.

After you have the Diary, return to Ammantius Allectus at the next night to get accepted into the Thieves Guild.

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