Following a Lead

Your final phony dead drop.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Manhunt

This quest will begin immediately following the conclusion of the previous quest. Lucien has delivered it to you personally. The surviving members of the Black Hand know you were a puppet in the hits against them, but Lucien is wanted for treason against the Brotherhood. He has a plan to exonerate himself, catch the true traitor, and hopefully save the Dark Brotherhood from annihilation. You are to watch the next dead drop and deal with the traitor when he plants the phony contract. Go to Anvil.

[edit] Anvil

Locate a barrel behind the mermaid statue. Now hide somewhere with a clear view of the barrel. Enilroth will place the orders in the barrel - confront him. He swears he was paid to plant the contract and you may find your true target in the Anvil Lighthouse where he has been living. The keeper of the lighthouse, Ulfgar Fog-Eye, has a key to the cellar. Get the key from him however you wish. You may pickpocket the key, request/demand it, or kill him.

Your mark has fled the cellar but left behind a guard for you to play with - an insane dog. He's nothing any player can't handle. Within the second room of the cellar there is a macabre shrine devoted to his mother who was slain by the Dark Brotherhood. The full story behind his treachery is revealed in the Traitor's Diary, conveniently left for you on a table by the chair. It's time to report your findings to Lucien at Applewatch farm.

[edit] Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

Upon entering the cabin you are greeted with a most gruesome sight. The surviving Black Hand strung Lucien up by his feet and savagely murdered him. It's too late for Lucien, but perhaps the Brotherhood can still be saved. Arquen initiates a dialogue the moment you enter to gloat over the elimination of the Brotherhood's greatest threat. She presents you with a Black Hand Robe and a Black Hand Hood to compliment your new rank of Speaker. Lucien's former Silencer will now fill his master's role. To determine the fate of the Brotherhood the Black Hand must travil to the sanctuary of the Night Mother to receive her counsel. Talk to Arquen between the hours of midnight and 3 AM and mention the Night Mother to travel to this quest's final destination.

[edit] Notes

  • This cell is not the original Applewatch interior. It has been replaced by a redesigned version to give the appearance there was a great scuffle culminating with the death of Lucien.

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