Gaston Tussaud


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Gaston Tussaud
Gaston Tussaud2.jpg Gaston Tussaud in his ship, the Marie Elena
LocationWaterfront District, Imperial City
Related QuestsA Watery Grave

Gaston Tussaud is a male Breton and a pirate who is captain of his ship the Marie Elena. The ship is docked in the Waterfront District in the Imperial City, and in the Dark Brotherhood quest A Watery Grave you are ordered to take him out.

Gaston does not appear in the game until you start the quest. Although Gaston sounds like he'll give no mercy when he fights you, he'll accept your wield every time. There is a Nirnroot plant on the desk in his office.

[edit] Unique Dialogue

"What in blazes, you ain't one of me crew! Ye best start explainin' yerself, mate, if ye want to get out of the ship alive!"

  • Justice is at hand, pirate.

"Justice? Hahahahahaha! I been avoidin' that all my life, mate! Let me show you how!"

  • The Dread Father summons you.

"Huh? What are you? Some kind of Preacher or somethin'? One of them crazies from the church? I ain't got time for this..."

  • [Say nothing.]

"Oh, so you want to get cute do you? All right then mate, we'll do it the hard way!"

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