Great Gate

  • Quest Giver: Automatic as soon as Great Gate Opens
  • Next Quest: Paradise
  • Reward: Main Quest Progression, A Statue of your character in Bruma


[edit] Overview

The Great Oblivion Gate has opened outside Bruma and now it is time to close it and obtain a Great Sigil Stone in the process. This is just like any other Oblivion Gate and you close it the same way, by removing the sigil stone from the top of the main tower in the Planes of Oblivion. The only problem is that you have a time limit to close this gate so you cant waste time in the Great Gate.

[edit] Time Is Running Out

As soon as you enter the gate you will notice three things. Firstly the Big gates in front of you open, Secondly you'll see the rather large Siege Crawler crawling towards the gate back towards Cyrodiil which leads to the third thing, the 15 minute time limit message that will appear on the screen with subsequent messages every minute. Basically you have 15 minutes to close the Gate before the Crawler reaches the gate and Cyrodiil is doomed.

[edit] Reaching the World Breaker Tower

Dont worry about the time its way more then you'll ever need. Instead focus on getting into either of the furthest two smaller towers (the ones closest to the main tower). To reach these towers scale the other towers and cross the bridges connecting the towers. Inside these two towers are two switches which open the smaller gates blocking the way to the Main Tower, open either of the gates and head towards the main tower fighting and killing the daedra in your way.

[edit] Getting The Great Sigil Stone

Once inside the World Breaker climb the tower as you would any other Sigil Tower, making sure you grab a sigil key off a sigil keeper at some point. Upon reaching the Sigillum Sanguis open the door if you got a sigil key or lockpick the door and enter the room. Fight your way to the Great Sigil Stone and then grab it and prepare to return to Cyrodiil.

[edit] Victory Outside Bruma

You'll appear back outside Bruma underneath the Siege Crawler which has partially made it through the gate. The Gate closes around the Crawler and it promptly collapses helplessly around you and drops a standard Sigil Stone you can pick up. Then help kill any remaining daedra around the battlefield then speak to Martin, who will take the Great Sigil Stone and tell you to meet him at Cloud Ruler Temple when your ready and when you finish talking to him this Quest is over.

[edit] Your Statue

After speaking to Martin at Cloud Ruler Temple, when you next go to Bruma you will see that you have had a statue of your character erected just right of the north gate of the city. The equipment on your statue is determined by your inventory's "best items" when you speak to Martin, so if you want to have a specific looking statue, put all unwanted items in a chest before you speak to Martin.

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